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Rabbi Bill Kurry is an interfaith Rabbi who believes that we are all God's children and that there is a universal commonality in all faiths. Rabbi Bill Kurry is an interfaith rabbi in the New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia area. Rabbi Bill Kurry is a member of many religious and civic organizations including the International Federation of Rabbis and The Rabbinical Fellowship of America. He is a former college English poetry and literature professor and has deep roots and experience in the Jewish and interfaith community. His ministry is dedicated with liberal consideration and sensitivity to the spiritual and practical aspects within the framework of interfaith and Jewish life cycle events such as weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, baby naming and well as bereavement and funeral services. Rabbi Bill is happy to serve the needs of the Jewish un-affiliated and Jewish non-affiliated within the Jewish and interfaith community. Rabbi Bill is most flexible in regard to your personal needs and preferences in regard to ritual, traditions and belief.

Rabbi Bill Kurry is a Rabbi for Jewish and Jewish/Interfaith wedding ceremonies. Your wedding is a joyful celebration of the love and commitment you have made to each other. Rabbi Kurry brings the warmth and personal touch to your wedding that will make your special day one to remember always. Your wedding ceremony should be unique and personal, expressing the love you share, Rabbi Bill will help you create a ceremony to be performed exactly the way you would like it. If requested Rabbi Bill will cheerfully perform wedding ceremonies and life cycle events on Friday evenings and Saturdays and most Jewish holidays.

If you are looking for an interfaith Rabbi in New Jersey, New York City or Philadelphia, contact Rabbi Bill Kurry. If you request, Rabbi Kurry will co officiate with ministers and priests of all traditions in different locations. He can recommend excellent Priests, Ministers and Reverends with whom he has worked with to co officiate upon request. Rabbi Kurry would be honored with work with you and to join in the celebration of life. You may reach Rabbi Bill by email at or call 732-245-9965 anytime.

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